The Cast

Songs My Father Taught Me, by Dave Gillies

dave-gilliesMy father was an accountant and my grandfather was a Methodist evangelist. Perhaps a career as a juggler with a message was predestined, but the path to that goal was not straight and narrow.

I grew up on a small family farm in a rural corner of Delaware County Pennsylvania. I walked home from school, served my paper route, then milked the Guernsey cow by hand. My dad sometimes soothed the feisty Jersey by singing to her. He sometimes stood outside the kitchen door and sang “The Spanish Cavalier” or “It’s a Long, Long Trail A ‘Winding” to Mom. With my paper route I discovered a lot about people and about how different and interesting my neighbors were. I remember one collection day a little boy coming to the door and telling me, “My mother says she isn’t home.” Dad, who was born in Scotland, told me scary stories about the Great Depression and insisted that I save half of my paper route earnings.

After graduation from West Chester State College, where I majored in English and participated in Little Theater productions, I moved back to the family farm and got my first real job, teaching sixth grade in Chester, which was at that time somewhat safer than Vietnam. After a few years in Chester I decided that I really needed to see Brazil, so I headed west on my Harley-Davidson, reached the Grand Canyon, turned left, and several months later discovered that the Pan American Highway ended in Panama.


Having A Ball, by Nick Gregory

nick-gregoryI grew up in Wayland, Massachusetts with a large playful family. I loved anything to do with a ball. Soccer, tennis, marbles or jacks. Shooting hoops, tether ball, step ball, football, baseball, ping pong. Or just catch and snowball shenanigans with my sisters.

Temple University gave me a full scholarship to play tennis and I ended up in the theater school.

My influences were the fantasy jugglers of Harvard Square, the Swiss clown Dimitri who played several musical instruments at once, and Bill Irwin. I thank an old girl friend for sharing everything she learned from Hovey Burgess in a Circus Arts class at Sarah Lawrence College.

I like our dogs Taj and Tuku, walking in the Wissahickon woods, making music, living in the co-op city of Weavers Way, and I love being married to Mu. I look forward to more years of advancing the art of playing catch.

Eric Geoffrey, Adventure Aficionado

EG-bio-picEric joined Give & Take in 1984 at the age of 14. Straight out of high school he attended the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College, and graduated (Class of ’88!) with an invitation to join their Blue Unit roadshow as an aerial slapstick clown. Ironically, he didn’t juggle on the show, but danced the can-can on stilts, was the seventeenth clown to exit the VW bug, and got stranded in an exploding cable car. Eventually he grew weary of being thrown off a 45 foot high platform on a daily basis, so he ran away from the circus to come home.

Taking a sabbatical from performing he found his way to Alaska and worked on a ranch that gave horseback bush tours for a couple of years and to this day has never eaten better in his life ~ salmon, halibut, crab, moose, caribou, kale, and purple potatoes were all fresh and local.  He then spent years collaborating on running a gift shop at the world famous Bishop Castle high in the Colorado Rockies and playing music within the grand hall, occasionally juggling fire atop its 80 foot high fire-breathing dragon.

Pursuing his penchant for heights he is also an accomplished technical tree climber, and is constantly on the hunt for the tallest tree in the woods wherever he travels, often spending the night being gently rocked to sleep.

Eric is decidedly passionate about the tight wire, slack lining, the flying trapeze, riding his unicycle, playing the ukulele, trekking, and balancing rocks, often in various creative combinations. When he grows up he aspires to be a member of Kiva’s pirate ship monkey crew (preferably 1st mate).

Currently on the greatest adventure of all ~ continually discovering the wondrous world of fatherhood—son Jerry was born in April 2005 and is growing up surrounded by circus, characters worthy of the greatest side show ever, and cats.

Allison Watman, Yay!


Allison’s story begins at the Philadelphia Juggler’s Club, when her father was set up on a blind date with his future wife. So it is really because of juggling that Allison even exists. She learned to juggle from her father at a young age, then progressed to baton twirling, fire spinning, and then, much later, she left the safety of the ground and explored the skies through the aerial arts. She met Eric Geoffrey at a Give and Take performance when he threw a hat into the audience and Allison caught it…on her head. Before she knew it, she was part of the act!

After getting her Masters Degree in Elementary Education and Creative Arts in Learning from Lesley University in Boston, she decided to inspire children not from the front of a classroom, but from the stage. It is her passion to help children discover confidence, persistence, creativity, strength, and joy through circus.

Allison’s other passions include singing (she is a professional vocal coach for children and adults!), crafting, walking through the woods, and snuggling with her beautiful white cat Lyra.