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We show enthusiasm for life. We show the results of making good choices.

The students see us having fun doing really cool things that require skill and practice.

We highlight that we make appropriate choices to be able to do these things, taking care of our bodies and brains and not getting ourselves unbalanced by drugs and alcohol.

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These bosses with the hot tosses are full-time all-balls-in-the-air professional entertainers. Four of these rare lucky ducks live in Germantown.

Originally published on Wed, Apr. 18, 2007 by The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Karen Heller, Inquirer Staff Writer
Photo Credits: MICHAEL BRYANT / Inquirer Staff Photographer

Perhaps as a young child, say of 7 or 8, you saw your life laid out before you, a magical existence filled with bowling pins and unicycles, funny hats and enchanted crowds.

“When I grow up,” you might have declared to your parents, “I’m going to be a juggler.”

Well, as absurd as this sounds, some children grow up to do precisely that.
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