Give & Take 


40+ years of Give & Take 

The Give & Take Jugglers have had an extreme wealth of talent, friends, and colleagues perform with us over the years, and we’d like to tip our hat to each and every one!

We’ve also performed in an extremely diverse range of venues, from street parties to country clubs, theaters, backyards, and large festivals.

Of particular note, we have performed at The Philadelphia Folk Festival every year for 45 years, and each year became a combination reunion and opportunity to collaborate with exceptional performers from around the world.

Young Dave in Dulcimer Grove at the Phila Folk Festival
Nick juggling a child
G&T performer fam @ Phila Folk Fest 2016 ?
2 jugglers with volunteer and hats on a boat deck
cigar box juggler smiling
silly face with mouth open wide
group of performers taking a bow on an outdoor stage
2 performers throwing a colorful ribbon into a hat
line of performers taking a bow in an outdoor festival
group of performers smiling
silly faces by a group of performers
line of performers at outdoor festival taking a bow
boy juggling fire 1970's b&w
2 men smiling holding a bowling ball against a brick sidewalk
ball spinning on a finger on the sidewalk street performing
spinning a yellow ball on a girls finger
handstand with colorful props
3 people posing in a stone doorway
2 boys spinning a yellow ball on their finger
tall unicycle in a street festival
tall giraffe unicycle riding down the sidewalk
aerial rope performance sideways outdoors in a park
performers blow magic dust on a body puppet
2 men playing with a barritone horn
2 jugglers with 6 yellow balls outdoor festival
performer uses wind up key for a large puppet
3 performers playing with multiple hats

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