How far in advance do you need to be booked?

Certain popular dates routinely fill up a year ahead of time. However, three to four weeks in advance is usually enough time to book us. See our list of upcoming appearances for an idea of availability.

How long is your show?

A typical show lasts 45 minutes to an hour. However, we can tailor the show length to fit your needs. (We once did a six minute show with the Philadelphia Orchestra. It required six weeks of rehearsal: a short show is not less expensive!)

For what ages or grade levels do you perform?

All ages, especially preschool to 5th grade. We have done many shows for middle/high schools to great success. We are also very popular with parents, who enjoy our witty banter, and senior citizens, who relate to our connection to vaudeville.

Can you provide different themes, costumes, or content?

Yes, we can. Circus, Mardi Gras, Vaudeville, Colonial, Renaissance, Purim, and Christmas are favorites. We enjoy special requests. We once based a school assembly on the history of the wheel and did a Bat Mitzvah in pink!

How far will you travel?

The majority of our engagements are within a couple hours drive from Philadelphia. That’s all of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, eastern Pennsylvania, and southern New York including western Long Island. But we have also performed in South Dakota, Colorado, Alaska, England, Spain, Cuba and Panama. We like to travel… Feel free to ask.

Do you require a stage?

We are happy with curtains and stage lights, but we do just fine on the floor, the same level as the audience. With all the audience participation and interaction in the show, we find that it works even better to have the audience closer to us. We prefer them sitting in a semi-circle.

Do you perform outside?

We love to perform outside. Our colorful banners and interesting set create a strong focal point for outdoor events. We bring our sound system.

How large an audience can you handle?

We can handle however large of an audience can fit in your space. We have performed for every size of audience: from small audiences at private parties to the PIFA street fair for thousands of people.

Do you teach people how to juggle?

We are often asked to conduct juggling workshops at schools, festivals, and corporate events. We have years of teaching experience, and we delight in passing on the tradition. Keep in mind that workshops are most effective with small groups.

Can you recommend other performers?

From our years in the business we have met a number of performers we can recommend highly. These include magicians, balloon artists, clowns, puppeteers, and a couple of other jugglers.

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