David Smith

Four years of study at Penn State University, and my but his parents are proud… While pursuing his degree in Journalism, Dave Smith was an integral member of Penn State’s Magician and Juggling clubs. Since moving to Philadelphia, Dave has become the President of the Philly Juggling Club, eaten fire on Fox’s Good Morning Philadelphia, performed with the renowned Give & Take Jugglers and brought street performing back to South Street. And he’s just getting warmed up…

Jen Slaw

Jen Slaw’s juggling combines grace, humor, skill and beauty with a captivating style which delights all audiences. Dancing since 1984, Jen seamlessly blends graceful movements with her juggling.

Recent projects include collaborations with performers from Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Bros. in The Love Show and with World Champion juggler Tony Duncan on acts combining unique juggling with dance, theater and comedy.

Jen is a graduate of Swarthmore College with degrees in art and engineering.

Greg Kennedy, Innovative Juggler

In an effort to redefine people’s preconceptions about juggling, Greg Kennedy fuses logic and creativity to synthesize new forms of juggling manipulation. In the early 1990’s, Greg spent several years working as a professional engineer, in addition to his juggling career. His fascination with the geometry and physics of object manipulation lead him to ground-breaking work with original apparatus, expanding the realm of juggling. “He is a visionary who can see the possibilities in props and movement that are obscure to the masses,” writes Bill Giduz, Jugglers World magazine. Greg presently balances his performing career with a pursuit of juggling innovation, experimenting with new shapes and surfaces as well as traditional skills.

Miss Lisa

Miss Lisa, Inc. is an innovative acrobatic company using circus arts including tumbling, contortion, aerial dance, hand balance, dancing, and juggling to entertain and educate audiences of all ages.

Miss Lisa is shown here appearing with the Give & Take Jugglers at the Mercer Folk Festival. Photo by Mark Psoras.

Jackie Erickson

Jackie “Mr. E” Erickson is a stalwart member of the Philadelphia juggling community, and the IJA. We have had a long and happy association with him and his Mystery Juggling Company. As a teacher using juggling in instructive contexts Jackie in some ways paralleled the development of Give & Take. The lovely and talented Jen Slaw is a product of the Mystery Juggling Company.